Terms & Conditions

Non Refundable Booking Fee required to secure your date.

A 50 euro change of date fee if you wish to postpone or change a date.

Travel costs may apply depending on location.

Damage to hired items will be charged accordingly to the full replacement value at the time of hire.

All hired items are not allowed to be moved once set up.

Candy Lady is not responsible or liable for any injury or damage to persons or property caused by use or misuse of hired items.

Candy Lady shall refuse to carry out a service if the area is unsafe or causes a treat to staff members.

Candy Lady is not responsible for delays in times such as meal times or speeches, the times booked by the client are the times allocated to their booking.

Any Photos taken by Candy Lady at the event of their services can be uploaded to social media.

If Candy Lady has to cancel the booking due to uncontrollable circumstances prior to the event, we are not liable to be sued and a full refund will be issued immediately.